Upgrade iMac RAM for 2012,2013,2014,2015

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As discussed in previous articles we have seen a 91% rise in the amount of Apple users who are upgrading their iMac’s RAM. Upgrading your iMac’s RAM has a major difference in performance. We do polls every few weeks to gauge what the performance difference has been on iMac’s with SSD upgrades. On average upgraded iMac SSD’s provide the machine with up to 64% increase in performance. Most iMac SSD upgrades can be complimented with iMac SSD upgrades.

Some of the latest iMac models like the 4K 21″ and 27″ iMac support 4K 21″ iMac only support SSD upgrades. Click here to find out more.

When thinking about upgrading your iMac there are some considerations to be mindful of. The process to upgrade; iMac 2012 RAM’s, iMac 2013 RAM, iMac 2014 RAM, iMac 2015 RAM is technically advanced and complicated. The screens on the iMac’s are very sensitive and the process of the iMac upgrade is delicate and advanced. At ZA Support we pride ourselves on being able to successfully upgrade iMac SSD’s including the most complex tapered edge or “thin iMac RAM upgrades”.

Most of the iMac RAM upgrades are able to cope with a iMac 8GB RAM upgrade, iMac 16GB RAM upgrade and in some cases  32GB iMac RAM upgrade and 64GB  iMac RAM upgrade. When choosing which Mac RAM upgrade you would like some of the key considerations should be:

  • Does the iMac RAM upgrade fit my performance requirement right now based not what I am currently using?
  • In the next 2-3 years will my iMac RAM upgrade meet my future software requirements?
  • Do I need to upgrade my Mac’s RAM and a iMac SSD upgrade?

The answers to the iMac SSD upgrade questions we have in a detailed matrix we have created for all iMac RAM upgrades. ZA Support provides a specialised iMac RAM upgrade matrix that has been tailored to the needs to Apple fan’s who are interested in upgrading their Mac RAM.

When iMac RAM upgrades are combined with iMac SSD upgrades the results are truly phenomenal with reports of up to 87% being recorded depending on the application and the type of upgrade.

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