Upgrade RAM, SSD’s and more for Apple MacBook Pro and iMac

Upgrade RAM, SSD's and more for Apple MacBook Pro and iMac




The question is often posed, “I want to upgrade my Apple MacBook Pro RAM or upgrade my Apple iMac SSD”. The answer of how to upgrade your Apple Macbook Pro and iMac is simple compared with what you should be upgrading your Apple Macbook pro and iMac to!

This Apple technical support article is geared toward assisting anyone who is thinking about upgrading their Apple MacBook Pro or iMac RAM, Apple MacBook Pro or iMac SSD’s, latest Apple operating systems among the many other things one can do!

Upgrading your Apple RAM in South Africa

Let’s start with Apple RAM upgrades in South Africa. Upgrading the RAM on your Apple should be a straight forward process but sometimes can be tricky… The most important point to bear in mind when upgrading your Apple RAM is that your machine shipped with a specific speed of Mac RAM/Memory. Apple did that for a reason – in most instances they want it to stay that way! What we have seen in the past where Apple RAM is incorrectly sold leading either to hardware malfunctions or your Apple machine not restarting at all. That is why ZA Support always does the due diligence on your behalf to make sure that you have the best possible Apple support in South Africa. To check what Apple RAM upgrades in South Africa your machine is eligible for Click here.

What you may find when upgrading the Apple RAM on your Mac is that the machine can handle in some cases double the amount of RAM specified. For instance some machines which were bought in 2011 say they have a maximum of 8GB of RAM. Actually this figure with selected Apple RAM upgrades is 16GB! And so it goes.

 Upgrading your Apple Macbook Pro or iMac SSD drive

As discussed in our previous article there are some major pro’s to a MacBook Pro Apple SSD upgrade or iMac Apple SSD upgrade. You can even take the superdrive out and replace that with an additional MacBook Pro Apple SSD upgrade or iMac Apple SSD upgrade. Basically giving you the freedom of having the speed of an MacBook Pro Apple SSD upgrade or iMac Apple SSD and the storage capacity of a standard hard drive! For the full article please click here.

Upgrade your Apple MacBook Pro or Imac to Mavericks 

Some of us may be lagging behind slightly when it comes to operating systems. In some cases that is not always a bad thing… For instance when Apple launched Mavericks we think that because it was free, everyone who had Internet downloaded it. There was not too much thought given to which of the current Apple applications would work on the new operating system. Anything from Apple Mac’s not restarting to Apple Support problems with applications that are not compatible, even to passwords being reset in user accounts! But that is expected with any new operating system. However why risk it when you have ZA Support on your side? To find out about the latest operating system information including updates and even the new Yosmite operating system click here.

Common questions

Upgrading a Mac Pro’s RAM? Thinking about fitting a Mac Pro SSD?

Both are possible – usually that is. Once again it’s important to check with ZA Support what kind of Mac Pro RAM/Memory you need and what kind of Mac Pro SSD you need. Mac Pro RAM/Memory is especially specific more so than the MacBook Pro RAM upgrades and iMac RAM upgrades, and if it isn’t right you loose out on the extra performance you paid for. Configuration is another important element as incorrect configuration will lead to your machine not rebooting properly or not seeing the additional memory in the machine.

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