What to do if your Mac isn’t updating? Updated 2020

Here are some top tips on what to try when you’re Mac isn’t updating to a newer version (the latest being Catalina) or, you are on an older Mac operating system which is asking you to update.

 Top 3 things to try when your Mac isn’t updating to Catalina

1. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Fibre is the most preferable. It is very common for an internet connection to cut out or, if it too slow it will time out on Apple’s servers. It would also be a good idea to have a look at whether you have had packet loss on the network over the past 24 hours. This can be done through your modem / router. 

If the Apple server does time out or, there is an interruption it can cause the operating system to fail the update. We have found this to have severe effects on machines upgraded with Catalina. 

Some of those problems include: the machine not starting up, black screen, wheel of death, loading bar stopping halfway through the machine restart among many others.

Click here if you have this problem ;)

2. Make sure your current operating system is stable before trying to upgrade to Catalina

There are many instances where there could be bugs, errors in the core operating system of your Mac or, applications which have negatively altered your machines software. 

One of the best Malware tools is free and called Malwarebytes you can click here to download it off their website.

Also have a look at plugins which are installed on your web browser. Sometimes there are plugins which have malicious software running in the background or, have promoted you to install some type of software package posing as an update for a legitimate piece of software like Adobe.

(Adobe updates are one of the most popular applications which malicious developers use as a disguise).

3. Unplug any accessories you have plugged in when trying to install Catalina

You would be surprised to see how often an accessory plugged into your Mac is preventing a Catalina operating system from installing.

Try to reset the PRAM (click here to find out how to reset the PRAM on your Mac) and SMC (click here to find out how to reset the SMC on your Mac) 

If you have tried to install Catalina with these top tips updated in 2020 then give us a call ;)