What to do when your Mac won’t turn on after an update

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What to do when your Mac won’t turn on after an update

Top 3 steps to try if your Mac has been upgraded to Mojave and won’t restart.

So, let’s start with why this happens after an update, be it to a newer version or the latest Mac operating system currently Mojave. 

– The Mac’s EFI boot sequence has been interrupted. This means that the Mac won’t restart after the update, since it has phases to go through to boot the Mac which have been damaged.

The solution is a little more challenging to fix. In our previous article we gave some tips on what to do to try and resolve a Mac problem where an update is completed and the Mac doesn’t restart. Check them out here

Steps to try when your Mac won’t restart after an update to Mojave or a newer version of your Mac operating system:

1) Try a PRAM reset click here to find out how to

2) Try an SMC reset click here to find out how to

3) Try removing the battery if you can (do not try this if you have not done it before) click here to find out how to

4) Try fixing the permissions if you have access to the terminal window

5) For advanced users, try and log into the terminal of the machine, and see if there are code corrections which can be made

If you have tried the steps, and still don’t come right give us a shout we would love to assist :)

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