What to try when a new Mac becomes slow

What to try when your new Mac becomes slow. ZA Support Apple upgrade expert South Africa

What to try when a new Mac becomes slow

Top 3 tips to upgrading your Mac SSD or Mac RAM Memory

Why does your Mac become slow when you have just installed a new Mac operating system or, you have bought a new Mac and it is slow?. 

Apple Mac hardware upgrades

1. All new Mac operating systems are resource intensive on your Mac. There are instances with even new machines only a few months old just becoming slow with the latest Mojave operating system loaded.

Mac and 3rd party applications become slow after the upgrade 

2. Most 3rd party software providers have also increased the amount of resources required to function. This includes basic applications like Office for Mac, Safari, Mac Mail and other web browsers.

New Mac operating system causes your Mac to become slow 

3. New Mac’s are slow within months of buying the machine. A lot of Mac users don’t know that many of the Mac machine’s you buy would be stock standard actually having very basic hardware.

What are the solutions to a Mac being slow?

Apple Mac hardware upgrades

It is very common for Mac users to upgrade the Apple Mac. ZA Support has noticed that in 92% of the cases the Mac upgrade will improve your Mac’s performance drastically.

Mac upgrades are also a fraction of the cost of building a special order machine. Many Apple Mac users don’t want to pay excessive import tax, and to benefit from only minor upgrades on a new Mac compared to older models.


 What to do when your Mac applications become slow 

Try to reinstall the application however, remember to uninstall the previous version first.

Once this is done, make sure that the latest updates have been completed for each piece of software installed

If this still doesn’t solve the problem of the Mac being slow, then try and reinstall your operating system. If that still doesn’t work it may be time to chat to us


When your Mac operating system becomes slow 

It is common place for a newer Mac to become slow.

Some suggestions to try and increase the Mac’s performance would be:

– Downgrade to an earlier version of the operating system.

– Try and see if you are able to load applications which are more compatible with your Mac’s hardware specifications.

– When you do downgrade to an earlier version of the operating system, make sure you do all the updates.

If you are not familiar with how to downgrade your Mac click here!


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