ZA Support Apple Expert provides some tips on how to keep your Apple Mac data safe when you book your Mac in for repairs.

In our last Apple data privacy review, we discussed the key questions one should ask when you book your Mac in with any service provider. If you missed the article click here!

Part-2 will focus on what measures ZA Support has in place to keep you, and your data as secure as possible.

Data breaches, cybercrime and fraud has exploded since the beginning of 2020. 

The importance of knowing who will be working on your Mac, and how secure your data is has never been more critical.

Here’s a breakdown of our unique process to keep you and your data safe at all times!

1. Our new ultrasecure Dunkeld West HQ has been specially equipped to handle discrete collections and deliveries with 24/7 security, prearranged armed response, CCTV footage and biometric security. Click here to view our address!

2. Our engineers are highly trained in data breach prevention, cybersecurity attacks, and POPI compliance laws.

3. Our servers are not cloud based – meaning we have our own servers which are not ever exposed to the internet making the handling of any data safe and secure.

4. All machines including data and backups are stored in vaults with separate pods. Only a dedicated technical engineer with biometric access can handle your Mac & data.

5. We have a security audit completed regularly to ensure our internal systems, processes and data protection measures are up-to-date with international standards.

6. Our engineers require police clearance certificates, updated every 6 months to remain ZA Support complaint.

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