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ZA Support is the number one Apple Expert in South Africa

ZA Support is the number one Apple Expert in South Africa.

For more than 10-years ZA Support has been providing world-class Apple upgrades, repairs and support to more than 250,000 customers.

Our team consist of certified Apple engineers with more than a decade of experience. 

Our clients are not numbers in a queue but partners we have cultivated relationships with over time. 

Our Apple upgrades, repairs and support carry Apple certified warrantees with craftsmanship guarantees. 

What Apple Mac upgrades are available?

Apple upgrades

Upgrading your Mac has become one of the most popular methods of increasing the performance on your Mac.

You will be surprised how an Apple upgrade can dramatically improve the performance of your existing Mac.

2021 brings incredible new Apple upgrades which are comparable to the performance of the latest new Mac’s.  

There are so many Mac upgrade options which can boost performance, it is important to get the best possible Apple upgrade guidance.

Some of the most frequent Apple upgrades include: Apple solid-state drive (SSD) upgrades, Apple RAM memory upgrades and Apple PCIe SSD upgrades.

We understand that your Mac upgrade needs are special.

What Apple repairs are available?

Apple Repairs

Our Apple repairs have been rated number-one in South Africa for the past 10-years.

All Apple repairs come with extended Apple repair warrantees supported by extended Apple repair workmanship guarantees.

We have worked on the most complex of Apple repairs for almost any Mac.

Our Apple repairs are completed with original genuine Apple parts and OEM parts supported by the highest quality control process in the industry. 

What Apple Support is available?

Expert Apple Support

Supplying the best possible Apple support is of key importance to us, and we have the best Apple certified engineers who have been with our business for over a decade.

We have completed over 500,000+ Apple support enquires which have addressed complex Apple support challenges that clients have been unable to resolve.

Apple support in South Africa has unfortunately been overwhelmed with ‘expert Apple support’ personnel who do not have the experience, qualifications nor, the necessary Apple support infrastructure to offer a world-class Apple support service.

We would be delighted to provide industry leading Apple support for your every Mac support requirement.

What our clients have to say

I was assisted promptly and efficiently by ZA Support in setting up my iMac at my new property. My iMac was also very slow and this was attended to with integrity. The repair/maintenance booking system is quick and efficient as was the service and follow up support. Highly normal. Great Experience!! Great Service.

Caroline P

I have been using ZASupport for at least the last 10 years and have never ceased to be impressed by the excellent customer care ethic and technical competence of Staff working there. Thank you Courtney; you guys are doing a great job. Prof A G Duse, NHLS/WITS

Prof Adriano Duse

I first got ZA Support to help with upgrading the RAM on my Mac and more recently upgraded the hard drive. This has added years to the useful life of my Mac. In both instances I was impressed with the advice provided and the helpful and efficient service. Thank you ZA Support!’


I was amazed at how efficient ZA Support are, my pc was either boing to be thrown out or upgraded and I decided to upgrade. Best decision I made, Courtney was on the ball and exceeded my expectations with what was done. I’m going to be doing the rest of my upgrades with ZA Support.

Ryan Urry

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